Some of the other productions I have worked on over the years

And more to come.


What an incredible time I had to work with the magician musician Aldo Nova and all the great musicians who took part in this production for Sony Music.

Baby in Blue Jeans – Jetsam


Another great song I had the opportunity to work on, with Aldo Nova.

You know me – Jetsam


Here, I had to get my fingers going on the sax…

Baby can’t you see – VIBE Project


One of these nights !!!

Mercedes Benz


This one was a very unique experience… yes, it is really me singing with that clean voice with that certain accent lollllll

L’amour en français – Maxime Farago


Put my voice on that awsome song.

La fin des temps – VIBE Project



A little publicity for the fun of it !!

Erotica – Ciro de Vito


Here is a wonderfull folk production I had the chance to work on.

Big Screen Lotion – Steffen Hartley

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